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Private equity

"When you are selling a business, it’s essential to be able to be able to see the business through the eyes of a potential acquirer and get frank and honest feedback on your positioning and presentation performance. This is something that Mack did really well, their approach being further strengthened by their ability to quickly grasp our business model and its underpinning financials."

Ian Crichton, CEO, Servelec


We coach management teams of private equity backed businesses ahead of an exit process via secondary buyout, trade sale or IPO.


We work hand in hand with management teams, their private equity owners and corporate finance advisers across the spectrum of exit presentations from "early looks" through to debt presentations and full management presentations.


Because we understand the audience we work to draw out the key selling messages and to tailor the story to the buyer. We work on crisp, compelling delivery ensuring management stay "on message" both during the presentation and Q and A. We work with all members of the team to ensure a strong continuity of message and a consistently high quality of delivery.


We have been involved with many successful transactions including Servelec, Missguided, Wellbeing Software Group, CET Group, Sun Auto Tire & Service Inc, Amido, Highline Aftermarket Holdings LLC, Core Assets Group and Pure Power Technologies Inc. 

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